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Team Biographies

David Spiecker

Hello! I'm David Spiecker. I have loved physics for a long time, but just recently became more immersed in the field. I had been frustrated by the lack of signs to express Physics vocabulary. Now that I've been working with this group to develop signs, I'm hoping our creations will inspire others to become Physicists like me!

Marcos Aguilar

Hello! I'm Marcos. I'm from Idaho and currently work at the Idaho School for the Deaf. My previous work experience involved traveling all over the world presenting workshops and teaching, mostly in Ecuador. I am an ASL master signer.

Jeremy Quiroga

Hi, I'm Jeremy Quiroga. I'm from Seattle, Washington, and my work includes teaching ASL, providing services as a Certified Deaf Interpreter, being involved in theater, as well as creating art. My role with this project is a master signer/ASL expert.

Rita Strabuhaar

Hi! I’m Rita Straubhaar. I’m an Associate Professor at Monroe Community College here in Rochester, NY. I teach ASL and Deaf Studies classes.

Dr. Ruth Anna Spooner

Hi! I’m Ruth Anna Spooner. I’m a professor of Literature, Creative Writing, and Composition and enjoy teaching. My studies have involved translation of poetry from English to ASL and investigating how I can utilize that work in teaching the Deaf students in my classes.

Erika Vazquez

HI, I'm Erika Vasquez. I've been an interpreter here at RIT for the past 21 years, working primarily in Science, Engineering, Math, and many Physics classes. My role here is to contribute ideas and take part in the discussion during the translation sessions. I hope you enjoy it!

Bill Degroote

My name is Bill DeGroote, and I was born and raised here in Rochester, New York. I interpret specifically in the fields of Physics, Science, Biology, and Math.

Sarah Cannon

Bio coming soon.

Miriam Lerner

Hi, I'm Miriam Lerner. I've been here at NTID/RIT forever! I work as an interpreter for Liberal Arts classes. This project is so amazing! Folks are creating, discussing, engaging in deep translation work! We hope the signs from this work are disseminated.... go ahead, try them out!

Sarah Schneckenburger

​Hello! My name is Sarah Schneckenburger. I work here at RIT as an interpreter. I work behind the scenes for this project, helping with paperwork and contributing ideas to the group. I'm really enjoying my involvement.